My name is Eliot David Olson, and this is my blog. Think of it like a window into my mind, except you’re only allowed to see the witty, vaguely interesting parts. It’s kind of like when you’re driving someone through your hometown so you take the route that will make it look the classiest or most scenic, consciously avoiding things that are easily judge-able. That’s kind of like this blog.

I know what you’re thinking: everyone has a blog. Well, I expect this one will be better than those. Hopefully you agree.


Eliot David Olson

Other assorted facts: I am in law school at Seattle University, but I will remain a Washington Husky for life. While I appreciate a good microbrew, I still prefer Budweiser over nearly every other beer. I love music but I have no rhythm, so I can only write about it. I love movies but I found the Lord of the Rings trilogy to be incredibly boring, so some might say I can’t be trusted. I love sports but I also enjoy scented candles, so that’s how you know I’m a sensitive guy.


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