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Like Tears in the (Indoor) Rain: The Final Scenes of Blade Runner

Confession: Last night I experienced Blade Runner for very first time.

Yes I know, it is 2012 and I’ve been around for a long time and I should have seen this CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE before now but hey — we aren’t all perfect. Coincidentally, another great example of something “not being perfect” was this film. I have spent the last 12 hours racking my brain trying to comprehend why the world loves it so much. Personally, I found it to be poorly paced (but as Kevin Cooke says, “dude, everybody knows pacing wasn’t invented until 1995.”) and honestly not edited all that well (I am aware that there are multiple versions — I saw the 1992 Director’s Cut — no voiceover narration, no final prologue, etc.). I will chalk up the poor editing to the fact that (according to the internet) the “Director’s Cut” was hastily thrown together and done without direct input from director Ridley Scott.

Overall, the film looked great — brooding, atmospheric, and way ahead of its time visually. Although despite the visuals, by the hour mark, I found myself asking if I even cared what happened to anyone in the film and seriously considered giving up and watching Seinfeld re-runs instead. Alas, I am happy I did not do that because the last 15 minutes of Blade Runner happen to contain a ridiculous fight sequence that legitimately made me laugh out loud. I’M TALKING STRAIGHT UP LOL’S. At this point I began using my iPhone to furiously document my wide-ranging thoughts on what I was seeing unfold before me. Below I have included the scene during which I took a majority of the notes, which I suggest you watch to get a little context if you haven’t seen the movie recently.


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