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Weekend Jams: Five for Friday

Yes, the rain might be falling here in Seattle this weekend, but if you’re from around these parts you know rain doesn’t slow us down (except on the freeway, because people here are terrible drivers). Highway-related complaints aside, it is a great week to be a Seattleite. Why, you ask? Well in case you haven’t heard, we have been flooded with positive news indicating that the return of our beloved Sonics (and the arrival of the NHL) is potentially on the horizon. If that’s not reason enough to celebrate… Well, then you might be a lost cause. So with celebration on the mind, I give you a playlist to rock through the weekend.


1. Presidents of the United States of America – Supersonics

Between the impending return of the Sonics and the fact that Obama is in town today, was there any doubt that this would be the first song? I’ll answer that question. No, there was not any doubt about this. I couldn’t resist. I just miss the Sonics so much.


2. Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights

Gary Clark Jr. is an amazing artist who brings the heat on the guitar and puts out a sweet-sounding amalgamation of blues, rock, and soul. I highly advise you to buy his EP and start talking about it now so that you can be “that guy” who knew about him before all your friends. Trust me, your friends will love you for doing this. I mean, I still tell people about how I saw the Black Keys live back in 2003 before people really knew who they were, and look how well it’s been working out for me. I have a blog that is literally read by TENS of people. Gary Clark Jr. will also be performing at Sasquatch this May, and considering how awesomely he shreds in his live shows, I will be front and center for his set.


3. Fun – We Are Young

I’ve been a fan of Fun since they rose from the ashes of one of my former favorite bands, The Format (RIP). This song is great and it highlights all the things that are wonderful about Fun — theatrical vocals, anthemic choruses, and lyrics that somehow manage to be sad and life-affirming at the same time. This song is the first single off their new album (which comes out Tuesday). If you can’t wait to hear more from this band, their first album, “Aim & Ignite,” was one of the best albums of 2009 and I highly recommend that you give it a listen.


4. The Hood Internet – When The Night Knows (Whitney Houston x Chromeo)

I’m not usually huge fan of mashup tracks but this one combines the immortal Whitney with the funky sound of Chromeo and it just works. Whitney’s gone, but her music lives on. This track will get you bobbing your head, shaking your booty, or maybe a little of both. (via HypeFloats)


5. Deer Tick – Let’s All Go to the Bar

This song is just 100% fun rock n’ roll. Crank it at a party this weekend and I guarantee people will start singing along (assuming it’s the kind of party where people are drinking and going the bar is something you’re all thinking about). Actually, even if you’re in a social situation where people aren’t drinking, this song still might prompt a sing along. In fact, I’m listening to it as we speak — I’m singing along.


Bonus Track:

Quad City DJ’s – Space Jam

I know this track is the number six on a list of five, but did I mention the NBA is coming back? I had to do it. Space Jam will get a party crackin’ faster than free beer. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance you need some new friends (or you can come hang out with mine — we know all the words).


The Reign Man circa 1990


Hope you all enjoy the music. Have a great weekend.



Thoughts on Seattle’s Weather Optimists

Yesterday, the Seattle weather was unseasonably pleasant for the beginning of February so I decided to take a late-afternoon run out to Golden Gardens. When I got there around 4:30, I shouldn’t have been surprised, but there were people everywhere. Little kids were running around, people were barbecuing in shorts and t-shirts, guys were throwing footballs, and a general sense of satisfaction dominated the scene. It wasn’t “hot” by any definition of the word, but it was sunny and people were enjoying themselves. Keep in mind at this point the temperature was sitting in the mid-50’s… at a beach… in February.

Now, you may be expecting me to rant about these people. Who do they think they are? Why are they acting like it’s July? Why are they wearing short sleeves and pretending to be comfortable? Why are they ignoring the occasional breeze and poorly disguising their shivers with smiles and constant movement?

But why would I do that? I love these people — they inspire me. People in more extreme locales (weather-wise) make fun of us Seattleites for losing our shit over four inches of snow or hitting the beach when the temperature brushes up against 60 degrees before Valentine’s Day. I, on the other hand, choose to appreciate these people. As I ran through Golden Gardens, I couldn’t help but smile as I saw all those people making the most of a beautiful day. Sure, it wasn’t exactly hot outside, but it was sunny; and granted, our beach isn’t that great, but it still has sand and water (thus meeting the basic requirements of a “beach”). Here in Seattle we make the most out of what we have, and what we have is one of the most beautiful cities in the country when the sun is out. Mountains and water surround us and we are determined to go outside to enjoy it, even if that means suffering through some goosebumps and audible scoffing from the warm-climate transplants that live among us.

So you will hear no cynicism from me on this point. I love that Seattleites appreciate our sunny sub-60 degree days. Now, please excuse me while I slip into my Speedo. I think I see the sun out there — it’s time to hit the beach.


P.S. Who wants to help me hit that ever-elusive middle back spot with some sunscreen?

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